• Collection – Castle Oak
  • Species – White Oak
  • Color – Smoked
  • Color Description – Fumed
  • SF per Box – 30.68
  • Length – 112.2″ (9.5ft) 2850mm
  • Thickness – 3/4″, 19mm
  • Width – 10″, 250mm
  • Wear Layer – 5mm
  • Style – Brushed, 4 sided microbevel
  • Connection Type – Tongue and Groove
  • Layers – 3 ply
  • Finish – No
  • Finish Warranty – n/a
  • Length Specifications – 4 rows per box; 2 rows full length, 1 row 2 pieces, 1 row 3 pieces
  • Core and Back – Solid Sawn Hardwood
  • Wood Grain – Mixed
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Castle Oak Collection

The Castle Oak Collection is made as a solid engineered hardwood floor witha 5mm sawn German / French Oak lumber face and back. While most manufacturers seek to cut corners and expense by using a plywood core, we use the most stable construction. Our 3-ply construction, with a solid sawn hardwood face, core and back creates a balanced product that stands up to the toughest environments, worldwide. Installation is applicable in any living level, under amore broad range of moisture conditions and stable over radiant heat. The Castle Oak Collection is unfinished in Natural, Golden and Smoked, constructed using very special top face layers which feature “through body color” technology. This is accomplished through two very advanced processes called fuming and carbonizing. The fuming process creates deep rich dark tones while the carbonizing process creates warm rich brown tones with the advantage that no lighter color will ever show through when you are damaging it. These 3 tones can be used as basis for a wider range of finishes on job side or through a finishing line.

  • Modern Design
  • Elegant Styles
  • Superior Quality

State of the art production methods, generations of experience and artistry, and the flexibility to create products that are unique, Teka Hardwood Flooring.

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