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Why we are different

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Raw Material

While most manufacturers compromise on raw material by sourcing cheaper White Oak from Russia or America with less grain character, TEKA sources its German and French White Oak from their own subsidiary located in Germany. Our control and involvement in picking each tree ensures that we are getting the best quality and character of raw material.

Platform and Construction

Most manufacturers cut cost by purchasing plywood as a carrier from other plywood manufacter. At TEKA we produce all plywood or lumber core construction in house having the ability for quality control and sustainably sourcing. Every part of the product is produced in house and not sourced from outside manufacturer.

Sawn Face Layer

While most manufacturer use sliced or rotary cut veneers we only produce sawn cut wear layer. When slicing wood it puts enormous pressure on the wood cracking the fibers which will make those products more likely to de-lamination failure down the road. Sawn cut wear layers do not damage the fiber and provide a superior bonding strength for lifetime structural warranty.

Carbonizing / Fuming

With our carbonizing / fuming treatments we have the benefit that the color is not a stain sitting on top, but our heat treatment changes the structure of the wood, making it dark brown (carbonized) or black (fumed) going through the entire face layer. In case you scratch your floor, no lighter color will come through.